Enjoy The Club Responsibly
Kane Social Club
Current By Laws
May 8, 2024 7:43pm CST
Approved by KSC Board of Directors

1. **Membership:**
Membership at Kane Social Club is open to all individuals, irrespective of ethnicity or economic status. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied/joined with a parent/guardian/supervisor 18 years or older. We celebrate diversity and encourage broad participation.

2. **Safety:**
Safety regulations have been set for the welfare of all members and guests. This includes various guidelines relevant to physical activities, pool and/or gym usage, and general caution within the premises. Non-adherence could lead to penalties.

3. **Respect:**
The cornerstone of our club is respect - respecting individual rights, privacy, and cultures. This respect permeates every interaction within the club and extends to language, actions, and personal space.

4. **Zero Discrimination:**
Any discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, socio-economic status, or any other factors is strictly forbidden. We ensure an equal, unbiased treatment of all members and guests.

5. **No Misconduct:**
We maintain a strict policy against any physical or verbal misconduct. This includes threat, harassment, bullying, or any other form that disrupts the peaceful environment of the club.

6. **Noise Control:**
Keeping sound levels to a minimum, particularly during the club's quiet hours, is essential in maintaining a relaxing atmosphere and respecting every member's right to peace and tranquility.

7. **Club Property:**
All property of the club should be handled with care to ensure a consistent, high-end experience for everyone. Any misuse that leads to damage or loss will likely result in the member compensating for repair or replacement.

8. **Hygiene:**
We uphold strict cleanliness and hygiene guidelines. This covers personal hygiene, keeping public spaces clean, and responsibly disposing of waste in designated areas.

9. **Child Supervision:**
Parents or guardians are required to supervise their children to ensure their safety and maintain harmony within the club. This extends to all areas including the playground, pool, and gaming areas.

10. **Guest Conduct:**
As a member, you are expected to inform and ensure that your guests respect and abide by all club rules. Any violation by a guest may impact the respective member's standing.

11. **Timely Dues:**
Dues are critical to operating the club smoothly. Delays will affect the ability to provide every member with the high-standard services we pride ourselves on. Membership dues should be paid promptly.

12. **Membership Changes:**
Changes in your club membership must be conducted as per the established club policy. This includes cancellations, refunds, or membership level adjustments.

13. **Grievance Mechanism:**
Please use the formal process outlined by the club for any complaints or grievances, to ensure they can be addressed efficiently and effectively.

14. **Bylaws Updates:**
The Club reserves the right to alter these bylaws as circumstances necessitate. Ample notice will be given to all members for any such changes online, through email or inside the club.

15. **Data Privacy:**
Personal data shared by the members will be used strictly for club operations and membership services. We adhere to local data protection laws and maintain stringent measures for data security.

16. **Confidential Spaces:**
Certain spaces such as private meeting rooms are designated as confidential, where privacy and discretion are paramount. Entry may be limited or stringent or noise restrictions may apply.

17. **Social Media Guidelines:**
Everything said online must reflect the respect and sensitivity we show in person. Disparaging remarks about the Club, fellow members, staff, or guests on social media will not be tolerated and could result in permanent expulsion.

18. **Photography and Recording:**
To protect members' privacy, any photography or recording without someone's explicit permission is strictly prohibited within the club premises.

19. **Meeting Confidentiality:**
Any conversations or details shared during club meetings or organized activities should remain confidential, unless permission has been granted to share them.

20. **Security Measures:**
Members and guests must comply with all security protocols, including signing in at arrival, providing the necessary identification when required, and wearing the club member/guest IDs.

21. **Confidential Information:**
Members, guests, and staff are required to keep any potentially sensitive information learned within the club's premises confidential unless it is publicly available or shareable information.

22. **Alcohol and Drug Policy:**
The club operates a strict no drug policy and responsible drinking is expected at all times. Violation of these could lead to immediate expulsion from the club.

23. **Smoking Areas:**
This club is a smoke-free facility in all indoor areas and designated outdoor areas. Disposing of cigarette butts properly and considerate smoking are expected from everyone.

24. **Lost and Found:**
The club cannot be held responsible for lost items. However, a lost-and-found space is available, and members should report any lost or found items to the club management.

25. **Financial Responsibility:**
All members are required to settle their financial obligations to the club in a timely fashion. This includes membership dues, event participation fees, food and beverage bills, etc.

26. **Interference with Staff:**
Members and guests shall not impede staff in the performance of their duties. Furthermore, any misconduct towards our staff will not be tolerated and could result in expulsion.

27. **Dress Code:**
All members and guests are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of dress when using the club’s facilities. Appropriate athletic attire is required in the sports and fitness areas.

28. **Online Slander:**
Any slander or derogative comments about the club or its members, on any online platform, will not be tolerated. A single proven instance may result in the immediate termination of membership and access rights.

29. **Emergency Procedures:**
All members and guests are required to adhere to the club’s emergency procedures, which include evacuation plans and assembly points. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action.

30. **Engagement with the Press:**
Members are not permitted to release any press statements or hold interviews within the club premises or offer views about the club to the press without prior permission from the management. Unapproved public communications could result in termination of membership and access to the facility.

31. **Event Participation:**
Any club-held events may require prior registration. Members are encouraged to participate but must respect the norms and guidelines specific to the event.

32. **Non-Compliance Consequences:**
Any member found to be infringing any of the club’s rules and regulations may be invited to a disciplinary meeting and are subject to consequences, including suspension or termination of the membership and/or access to the club.

33. **Guest Limit:**
Each member is allowed a limited number of guests at a time to prevent overcrowding. This number may change on special occasions or holidays as per club management's discretion.

34. **Parking Facilities:**
Members are requested to adhere to the parking rules. Any illegally parked vehicles might be towed at the owner's expense.

35. **Use of Electronics:**
Respect for others should be maintained while using electronic devices. Use of headphones is mandatory for audio or video, and phone conversations should be held at a moderate volume and outside of quiet areas.

36. **Health and Medical Conditions:**
Members must inform the management in case of any special medical conditions or requirements. This will help us offer better assistance in emergencies.

37. **Use of Personal Equipment:**
Use of personal sports or fitness equipment is allowed, provided it meets the club's safety standards and does not hinder others' use of the facilities.

38. **Sales and Services:**
Members are not permitted to sell goods or services on club property without prior permission from club management.

39. **Green Practices:**
Kane Social Club is committed to sustainability and green practices. Members and guests are encouraged to follow recycling protocols and reduce wastage of resources where possible.

40. **Maintenance of club property:**
All members and guests are requested to contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of club property. Any spillages or breakages should be reported to the management immediately.

41. **Pets:**
Only service animals are allowed within club facilities, under the supervision of their handlers, unless otherwise specified during special events.

42. **Spot Booking:**
Facilities and amenities within the club may require advanced booking. Members must use these facilities within the time they have booked.

43. **Responsibility for damage:**
If club property is damaged due to member or guest action, the respective member may be responsible for covering repair or replacement costs.

44. **Advertising:**
Posting advertisements or other notices within the club or on the club's digital platforms is prohibited without express written approval from the club management.

45. **Harassment Policy:**
Our club operates under a strict policy against sexual harassment. Any reports of harassment will be taken very seriously and may lead to immediate suspension or termination of membership in addition to charges being pressed to the furthest extent of the law.

46. **Food and Beverages:**
All food and beverages consumed on the premises must be purchased from the club unless specific exceptions are made by the club management.

47. **Personal Property:**
Members and guests are responsible for their personal belongings. The club will not be held liable for lost or stolen items.

48. **Swimming Pool Rules:**
All members and guests must adhere to specific safety rules while using the swimming pool, such as no running, appropriate attire, and observance of lifeguard instructions.

49. **Unscheduled Facility Closures:**
Certain club facilities may be closed for repair, maintenance, private events, or unforeseen circumstances. No refunds or discounts will be provided for temporary closures.

50. **Fitness Center Usage:**
Members and guests using the fitness center must follow guidelines related to equipment use, hygiene, minimum age requirements, and time limits to ensure everyone gets fair access.

Remember, these bylaws have been implemented to ensure the safety, enjoyment, and long-term sustainability of our club. We ask that all members and guests read, understand and adhere to these bylaws. Violations may lead to penalties, suspension, or termination of membership.